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Vietnam Type Approval Services for telecom, radio, SRD, and ITE

ExtendMax provides high quality and reliable services to help customers in accelerating local testing and obtaining Type Approval certificate for telecom, radio devices and ITE.

Radio devices, telecommunication devices, Short range devices (SRD) and ITE exported to Vietnam or manufactured to be sold in Vietnam domestic market must apply for ICT type approval certificate under regulations of Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC Vietnam). After getting the MIC type approval certificate and complete the declaration of conformity process, products need to be put on ICT Mark (ICT label) also.

Service for MIC Type Approval certificate

1. We need radio type approval certificate?

Radio devices, telecommunication devices, Short range devices (SRD) and ITE exported to Vietnam or manufactured to be sold in Vietnam domestic market must be complied with regulations of Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC Vietnam). Importers and manufacturers have to obtain Type Approval certificates for radio devices, telecom devices, SRD, and ITE before entering Vietnam market. Procedures to obtain Type Approval Certificate usually takes 4 weeks lead time with products local testing or 2 weeks lead time with test reports recognized by MIC Vietnam under MRA.

2. Certification scheme and how to obtain type approval certificate?

There are two types of certificates manufacturers need to obtain for their products to access Vietnam domestic market. Circular 02/2022/TT-BTTTT (or future incoming MIC Circular which shall replace Circular 02/2022/TT-TTTT) of MIC Vietnam regulates the list of devices which are mandatory to both Type Approval Certificate (TAC) and Declaration of Conformity (DoC) on Appendix I. Mean while, the list of devices that are mandatory to Declaration of Conformity is regulate on Appendix II of the Circular 04/2018/TT-BTTTT of MIC Vietnam.  

a. Type Approval Certification scheme:

Type Approval certificate is issued by a Verification and Certification Center of Vietnam Telecommunication Authority (VNTA). Type Approval certificate certifies that technical features of the products including RF features and EMC/EMI features meets the requirement of according MIC Vietnam national technical regulations. Type Approval Certificate must be submitted to VNTA in order to get import permit for radio devices, telecommunication devices, and ITE.

To get Type Approval Certificate, certificate holder has to submit a dossier includes product specifications sheet or datasheet, test reports issued by designated local labs or MIC recognized MRA labs, application form, and business license or investment license to VNTA.

b. Self-assessment Declaration of Conformity scheme

After obtaining Type Approval, importer/applicant shall need to apply for Declaration of Conformity process

For imported wireless and ICT product:

Declaration of Conformity is the process when the importer apply for "Product Quality Inspection Registration" (PQIR) during importation for clearance. Importer need to prepare PQIR application dossier including Airway Bill, Commercial Invoice, Type Approval certificate (for product listed on Appendix I of Circular 02/2022/TT-BTTTT or incoming MIC Circular which shall replace Circular 02/2022/TT-TTTT), EMC / Safety report (if the Type Approval certificate has not listed all applicable standards or product listed on Appendix II of Circular 02/2022/TTBTTTT which Type Approval is not mandatory) then apply to VNTA.    

For domestic manufactured products:

Applicant shall submit DoC application to VNTA.  After reviewing application documents VNTA shall release a letter of Acceptance of the Declaration of Conformity within 07 working days.

Learn more: Declaration of Conformity process 

3. Where to submit application and certification authority

Depends on registered location of the certificate holder, certificate holder will submit application dossier to one of three Verification and Certification Centers of VNTA located at Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang City.

4. How to get better type approval certification experience?

Thanks to our experience in Vietnam type approval services, ExtendMax Vietnam satisfies clients by providing high quality and reliable type approval services to help clients in obtaining MIC Type Approval Certificates and letter of Acceptance of the Declaration of Conformity. We provide:

► Legal assistance for regulations and technical assistance for test set up.

► Accelerate RF and EMC testing procedures, certification procedures.

► One-stop type approval services with high quality and commitment.

5. Learn more about other applicable regulations to wireless products

Product Quality Inspection Registration procedures and requirement

MIC conformity mark ICT mark (ICT label)

Declaration of Conformity procedures and requirement

Certification of Conformity for products under RoHS mandatory scope

Guidance for labeling electronic products for Vietnam market

MIC import permit for high speed or color printer and photocopier

6. Preview of Vietnam MIC type approval certificate for wireless and ICT products

MIC type approval certificate



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