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Vietnam Cyber Security Product Trading License (Dealer License) and Import Permit

Services to obtain Vietnam MIC Cyber Security Products Trading License and Import Permit (network monitoring, hacking prevention, security appliances...)

EXTENDMAX - Pursuant to Law No. 86/2015/QH13 on Cyber Security and Decree 108/2016/ND-CP, cybersecurity products is required to obtain below licenses and permit to be imported to Vietnam. The license required to import cybersecurity products are as follows:

(1) Cyber Security Product Trading License (Dealer License)

(2) Cyber Security Product Import Permit

Both kind of license and permit are granted by Vietnam MIC (applied to and verified by Authority of Information Security - AIS of MIC)

Cyber Security Products (CSP) defined by Decree 108/2016/ND-CP consists of three major groups:

1. Cyber security evaluation product group: hardware or software to evaluate or scan or analisy or detect cyber sercurity threats

2. Network monitoring and warning product group: Hardware or software to monitor data transfering detect and give warning about cyber security threats

3. Attack or hack protection product group: Hardware or software to protec network from being attacked or hacked.

Common cyber security products under the above license are: Firewall, Sercurity Router, Security Gateway, Appliances having cyber security or cyber attack protection as major function, ITE used in Bank infrastructure....


Requirement and procedure to obtain CSP Trading License

a/ Requirements for Cyber Security Products and Services Trading License:

Importer / Dealer must meet below requirements and conditions in order to be granted trading license by Government Cipher Department:

→ Meet requirements on qualification of technical team (engineer and manager):

  • Having at least 02 technical engineers having appropriate education degrees which is one of electronic, tele-communication, cyber security, information and technology, or mathematics degree.
  • Having at least a manager having appropriate education degrees which is one of electronic, tele-communication, cyber security, information and technology, or mathematics degree. If not one of the list degrees, the manager must be trained and obtain a license on Cyber Security
  • Requirements are lower if applicant applies for Cyber Security Product Trading License only and requirements are higher if applicant applies for both Cyber Security Products and Services Trading License

→ Meet requirements on infrastructure including working space, equipment, functional departments suitable for targeted sale volume of cryptography product and services  

→ Having technical plan meet requirements of national technical regulations and technical standards

→ Have suitable business plan

→ Meet requirement of MIC allocation plan

b/ Application doosier:

(1) Application letter

(2) A copy of Vietnam Business Registration License or Investment License or equivalent

(3) Copies of Education Degrees and certificates of technical team and manager(s)

(4) Technical plan for applied scope

(5) Cyber security plan for applied scope

(6) Business plan for applied scope

c/ Licensing Authority

- After preparing applications dossier, applicant send a hard copy set of application dossier to Authority of Infomation Security (AIS) of under MIC Vietnam

- Process to review application documents should take around 1 month – 2 months depending how well the application documents were prepared.

Cyber Security Products and Services Trading License has validity of 10 years. If license holder would like to modify, add more products/services scope, license holder need to apply for license modification. After having the trading license, importer shall have also apply for import permit for importing cyber security products 


Requirement and procedure to obtain CSP import / export permit

Required documents in acordance with Circular 10/2022/BTTTT of MIC Vietnam:

  • Import Permit application form
  • A copy of Cyber Security (and Services) Trading License
  • A copy of Type Approval certificate for Cyber Security Product according to MIC technical regulation(s)

Cyber Security Product import permit granted at 02 years validity or not exceed validity period of Cyber Security Product Trading license .


What can ExtendMax offer you or help you?

With many years of experience in applying for business licenses and import and export licenses of civil cryptography products for many organizations, we can assist you:

→ Classify products into groups that do not require a license, require a license but do not have to certify for conformity, and require both a license and certification of conformity

→ Support clients to prepare documents in the fastest time according to the requirements of the authorities

→ Representing enterprises in carrying out testing and certification procedures for cybersecurity products

→ Support other legal procedures related to imported products such as applying for licenses and certificates of conformity from the Ministry of Information and Communications

→ In case your importer is not qualified to apply for a license to trade in civil cryptography products, ExtendMax can provide Importer of Record (IOR) services to support.

Learn more: 

IOR and EOR service for Vietnam


Contact information for CSP license services and consulting


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Preview of CSP Trading License and Import / Export Permit

Cybersecurity Product trading license 1

Cybersecurity Product trading license 2

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