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We are expert in Vietnam Type Approvals, Energy Efficiency, EOR & IOR services, cryptography licensing

We are expert in ICT type approval services for radio transmitter and transceiver, telecom device, ITE, CR EMC and Safety approval for home appliances and automotive parts, energy efficiency certification, trading license for civil cryptographic products, IOR and EOR services.

Founded since 2015 with great reputation in market, ExtendMax is proud to be vendor for leading brands like Microsoft, Amazon, Lenovo, Samsung, LG, Fujitsu, Oppo, realme, Zojirushi, Panasonic...

EXTENDMAX - ExtendMax Vietnam Company Limited was established by Mr. Alex Phuong Tran (Trần Thanh Phương) since 2015 with the mission to support the manufacturers and importers to obtain Vietnam type approval certificate, Energy Efficiency (VNEEP) label certificate, cybersecurity & civil cryptography product trading license, and provide importer of record (IOR), exporter of record (EOR) targeted lead time within a controlled budget. With years of experience and deep understanding in Vietnam laws, regulations, and procedures, ExtendMax shall help clients to have better experience in obtaining Vietnam certificate of conformity in a scheduled lead-time, reduce local testing costs, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of products and enterprises.


Who we are

ExtendMax is a professional consulting agent who providing effective solutions for import procedures, state quality inspection and licensing so your products can access the Vietnamese market. With these solutions, we help manufacturers and distributors to ensure regulatory compliance, saving costs and lead time. Thereby, ExtendMax helps our customers improve the competitiveness of their products and ensures that consumers can use quality products that have been tested and licensed.


ExtendMax Vietnam Head Office

Name: ExtendMax Vietnam Company Limited
  ExtendMax Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Type: Limited liability company
Founded: August 19, 2015
Industry: GMA consulting agency, IOR and EOR
Founder: Trần Thanh Phương (Alex)
Head quarter: ExtendMax Villa, C01-L18, An Vuong, Duong Noi urban area, Duong Noi ward, Ha Dong dist., Hanoi 12114, Vietnam
Area served: Vietnam
Social media  FB Fan Page, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok
Awards: SME100 Asia, Global Brands AwardGBFM Award, World Business Outlook Awards

History and milestones

ExtendMax Vietnam Co., Ltd. was established on August 19, 2015 with enterprise code (tax code) 0106943741. August 19 is a special day not only for us, this is also the day the Vietnamese people celebrate 70 years of The August Revolution laid the foundation for the birth of a strong and traditional Vietnam.

Starting from a micro company, we faced countless difficulties in the early days of establishment. This includes the lack of material and human resources and the lack of brand building in the market. Thanks to constant efforts and the pursuit of perfection right from the smallest services, ExtendMax has continuously developed and achieved many outstanding achievements. We have built a team of more than 18 experts including lawyers and engineers, completed many complex projects with the best results, and won many domestic and foreign awards including the prestigious SME100 Asia award and Global Brands Awards. Among them, our greatest achievement is gaining the trust of hundreds of customers from Vietnam and more than 30 countries, including BigTech customers from US, Germany, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore...

ExtendMax is proud to be a supplier for consulting regulation certification, declaration of conformity, and import license application for the world's leading technology companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, Dell, Oppo, Fujitsu, realme, OnePlus, Dynabook, Panasonic....

Lets' take a look at ExtendMax's achievements in the short video below


Vision and Core Values

Since the early days of establishment, we have set a vision towards the goal of becoming a leading enterprise in the APAC region in the fields of testing, compliance certification, and market access consulting. We not only support foreign manufacturers accessing the Vietnamese market but also support Vietnamese manufacturers exporting products to the regional and international market. The foundation of all our achievements on the path to achieving our mission are ExtendMax's 5 core values:

extendmax core values


As a consulting supplier for the world's leading manufacturers, we understand that compliance with local laws is a fundamental factor in the sustainable business development of multinational companies. ExtendMax will assist you in carrying out procedures so that products can be imported and exported in accordance with Vietnamese law. For us, ensuring compliance with regulations is the most important core value, decisive for ExtendMax's survival as well as ensuring ExtendMax's customers do not face any risks in doing business and operations in Vietnam.


We provide services with strong commitment. ExtendMax customers will be completely assured of lead time, results and costs within the agreed budget. We will transparently notify customers of risks as well as the possibility of additional costs before starting the project.

Customer focus

Each member of ExtendMax always understands that customers are the ones who pay us, we have a mission to provide services to customers with a serving mindset and receive customer praise as a valuable reward. We have an obligation to protect customers' interests as well as bring the best value to customers through professional services.

Creative solutions

Providing innovative and creative solutions is what makes us stand out among the countless consulting companies on import-export procedures and licensing in Vietnam. We plan long-term projects for our clients, making the most of the resources they have, using our in-depth understanding of legal regulations as leverage. Thereby, we provide creative and effective solutions to help customers save maximum costs and time in projects on testing, certification of conformity, and applying for civil cryptography licenses.

Clear and transparent

We always provide clear and transparent consulting content to the maximum extent. For us, general answers without accompanying legal basis and without clear conclusions are a waste of our customers' time. At the same time, we also list costs related to projects transparently with valid evidence.


Meet our team

For us, the human resources is the highest value that is decisive to the survival and development of the company. We always want to attract young talents, nurture integrity and responsibility in work, and develop professional capacity to provide the best services to customers.

Board of directors

CEO, Founder ExtendMax - Trần Thanh Phương (Alex)

Tran Thanh Phuong (Alex)


Angelina Ngan Do - Public Affairs Director

Angelina Do


Key members

Glenda Le - Project Manager


Quinn Pham - Project Manager


Sunny Trinh - Project Manager

Our team

Our team is ready to provide you with the best services.

ExtendMax members


Our services

As a professional entity, Extendmax provides comprehensive and all-inclusive services in state quality inspection activities, product certification according to current technical standards, and conditional licensing for specialized information technology products.

Let's explore the services of ExtendMax. This will help you understand more about ExtendMax and why we stand out in the market


Dịch vụ thử nghiệm và chứng nhận hợp quy thiết bị điện tử, gia dụng, công nghệ thông tin

Testing & Conformity Certification

ExtendMax is not only the leading company in Vietnam for testing and certification services for information technology devices. We are also highly regarded by our clients for our certification services for household electronic devices, automotive components, and more.

Dịch vụ xin giấy phép mật mã dân sự

Cybersecurity products licensing

ExtendMax currently provides consultancy services for civil cryptography licenses to Big Tech such as Amazon, Pegatron, Siemens, and others. We are highly regarded for our planning and provision of the best support solutions in compliance with legal regulations.

Dịch vụ xuất nhập khẩu ủy thác

IOR & EOR services

Many customers rate ExtendMax as the #1 trusted company for consignment import-export services. We are currently providing consignment import-export services for global security equipment giants such as Cisco, Palo Alto, and Arista in the global supply chain.


Dịch vụ thử nghiệm hiệu suất, công bố dán nhãn năng lượng

VNEEP Energy Efficiency

This service of ExtendMax is not just about performance testing and energy labeling announcements. We also provide our clients with the best solutions for planning, outlining the roadmap for adopting new standards, and offering the best advice for our clients.

Dịch vụ xin giấy phép nhập khẩu máy in và thiết bị ngành in

Licensing for printing equipment

ExtendMax is a highly experienced specialist in the procedures for obtaining import licenses for printers and printing equipment. We assist clients in classifying equipment, advising on HS codes, and obtaining licenses in the fastest time on the market.

Dịch vụ đăng ký kiểm tra chất lượng hàng nhập khẩu

Quality Inspection Registration

ExtendMax will advise and assist you in Product Qualtity Inspection Regisration (PQIR) with the necessary standards. We also help minimize errors in the preparation of documents to ensure the quality inspection registration process is approved significantly faster.

Other Services of ExtendMax

In addition to the services that have established ExtendMax's reputation and brand mentioned above, we are also trusted by our clients for other services such as printing product confirmation certificates that do not contain civil cryptography, or translating technical standards and regulations from Vietnamese to English when requested by clients. Please refer to all ExtendMax services here.


Global Recognition Awards

SME100 Asia Award

The SME100 Asia Award is a prestigious and independent award organized annually by SME Asia magazine since 2009, recognizing outstanding small and medium-sized enterprises in the region. The evaluation process for candidates is rigorously conducted in five steps according to international standards, including quantitative analysis and interviews with the company's leadership. In 2023, ExtendMax was one of 33 companies awarded the esteemed SME100 Asia Award out of more than 230 nominated companies.

Giải thưởng SME100 Châu Á

Giải thưởng Global Brands Awards

Global Brands Award

The Global Brands Awards, organized annually by GBM (headquartered in the United Kingdom) since 2013, aim to recognize and honor the comprehensive contributions of outstanding companies worldwide, operating in various fields. ExtendMax was awarded the title of "Best Regulatory Compliance Consulting Firm Vietnam" in 2024.

Giải thưởng World Business Outlook Award

World Business Outlook Award

The World Business Outlook Award is a prestigious international award in the fields of finance and business. In 2024, WBO (Singapore) honored ExtendMax as the winner in the category of "Leading Reputable Import-Export Consultancy Firm in Vietnam" Other major names such as VPSecurity, VietJet Air, have also proudly received this award.

Giải thưởng GBFM Award

GBFM Award

The Global Business and Finance Magazine Awards are among the most prestigious awards, organized annually by GBFM (United States) to honor outstanding businesses and individuals who have made significant contributions to the economy. ExtendMax was honored by GBFM with the title of "Best Regulatory Compliance Agency".

Customer's feedbacks

For us, customer reviews about ExtendMax are very important to improve service quality. At the same time, this is also a great source of encouragement to help us increasingly improve ourselves. With a progressive spirit, we use Google to review local businesses as the main platform. This is a transparent and easy-to-implement review platform that cannot be edited or hidden by business owners.

Feedback from clients to ExtendMax

By the end of May 2024 we had received 186 reviews, of which 98% were from direct ExtendMax customers with 99% resulting in positive experiences. Most related review contents are as follows:

"Very informative and prompt response" - Mr. Mahesh Avidi from Sew-Eurodrive (US)

"I am truly indebted to EXTENDMAX. He is able to handle even the most difficult cases. I would like to thank Mr. Phuong and Quinn Pham for always being prompt and dedicated to the end. Thank you, Quinn!" - Ms. Chika Suto (須藤智佳) from Toyo (Japan)

"Extendmax is the best compliance service company I know. Because the company always promptly updates new regulations of the law in both Vietnamese and English. Good service quality meets time requirements. The staff's attitude is also very good, always supporting customers quickly and promptly." - Ms. Trinh Thi Bich Thuan (Synnex FPT)

"One of the best specialized service companies I have ever worked with, supporting detailed quotes & promptly answering questions." - Mr. Son Tran (ATEC Systems)

"Excellent customer service, everything was arranged perfectly and nothing to complain about." - Mr. Le Nguyen Dan (realme)

"Enthusiastic consulting. Very in-depth knowledge and expertise. Looking forward to having the opportunity to cooperate with Extendmax" - Mr. Doan Diep (CTX Intenational)

"ExtMax Company provides consulting services for certification of regulations, standards, energy labels,... for businesses in a professional and quick manner. Viet A Company will continue to support the use of our services. Your Company in the near future." - Ms. Huong Nguyen (Viet A Tech)

"DAIKIN VIETNAM is working with Extendmax to consult and do conformity for radar sensor. Extendmax actively responds to customer questions and requests." Mr. Duong Vu (Daikin Vietnam)

See all review or review us at: 


Contact Info

In all cases, we recommend that customers contact us via work email as the most official and professional working channel. For questions that need quick advice, we are also ready to respond via phone or WhatsApp (+84 915 836 555) or WeChat (ID: EXTENDMAX). Our Head Office at ExtendMax Villa is always open and enthusiastically welcomes you to contact us directly during business hours.


Hotline: +84 915 836 555 | Tel: +84 24 6666 3066 / +84 24 6666 3088

Email: |

Registration: P903, 9th floor, Tower A, Sky City Tower Complex, 88 Lang Ha street, Lang Ha ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi city, Vietnam

HO: ExtendMax Villa, C01-L18 An Vuong, Duong Noi urban area, Duong Noi ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Test laboratory: D43-14 Gleximco, Duong Noi ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Tran Thanh Phuong
I am Tran Thanh Phuong, a jurist specializing in Product Quality Law, Cyber Information Security Law, Customs Law, Foreign Trade Management Law. I am a counsellor trusted by the world's leading technology corporations in the field of consulting on legal regulations and market access requirements for importing IT products into Vietnam
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