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Confidentiality Policy

AuthorTrần Thanh Phương

Confidentiality policy

Update: 03-Feb-2024


ExtendMax Vietnam Co., Ltd. (“ExtendMax”) and employees & personnel of ExtendMax are obligated to maintain the confidentiality of information we receive in the course of our work. This Confidentiality policy documents the confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations of ExtendMax and all of its employees & personnel.

ExtendMax's employees & personnel, in the course of their employment, will know and possess information of ExtendMax or of third parties disclosed to ExtendMax. This may include information which if disclosed could jeopardize the interests of ExtendMax and third parties. All personnel and employees of ExtendMax are obliged to absolutely keep that information confidential and only use it for appropriate purposes according to the provisions of law.

This policy is specified by the Non-Disclosure Agreement that accompanies the employment contract applicable to ExtendMax's employees & personnel as well as other working rules, policies and procedures applicable to ExtendMax employees & personnel.


Confidential information includes any information that is not publicly available. It can be related to technology, business, finance, transactions or other matters of a company or an individual. It includes information of commercial value such as trade secrets or business information as well as personal information. Examples of confidential information include but are not limited to: prototypes, test samples, test reports, designs, industrial designs, certificates, data, draft documents of all kinds, letters words, customer information, lists and records, decisions, drawings, recommendations, policies and procedures, budgetary and financial information in physical, electronic, or other form .

Confidential information relating to new, unannounced products may be particularly sensitive. Revealing information about new products before they are announced will cause losses to ExtendMax and its customers and partners.


We expect all of our employees & personnel to handle all confidential information professionally. ExtendMax's employees & personnel are obligated not to access or attempt to access information that they are not authorized to have.

The purpose of confidentiality is essentially twofold. Firstly, it protects the sensitive or confidential information of ExtendMax and our customers. Secondly, for ExtendMax to operate effectively, ExtendMax's employees and personnel must be able to share information and knowledge, and therefore confidentiality is a necessary condition of trust.

The best protection against security breaches is to keep the number of personnel with access to sensitive information to the minimum necessary. Intentional, repeated, accidental or unauthorized disclosure of any confidential information by any employees & personnel will be subject to disciplinary action.


Our commitment:

• Keep confidential and do not disclose all confidential information;

• Use confidential information solely for the purpose of conducting jobs as an employee of ExtendMax.


The obligations of ExtendMax and its employees & personnel to maintain confidentiality and non-disclosure do not include confidential information that we are required to disclose at the request of testing laboratories, requests of state management authorities, or at the request of the owner of confidential information.

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