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Vietnam: EMC, RF, Safety, Energy Efficiency in-country testing services

Reliable express services for Vietnam in-country testing for EMC, RF, Safety, Energy Efficiency, Lithium battery at our own test laboratory or outsource designated labs

EXTENDMAX - To apply for MIC type approval certificate, Declaration of Conformity, or Declaration for Energy Efficiency label, customers will need the test reports of devices tested according to Vietnam national technical regulations and standards. Not every oversea laboratories are recognized by MIC Vietnam, MOIT Vietnam and not every national technical regulations of Vietnam are equivalent to ETSI directives, so in-country testing is suggested for time accelerating and cost reduction. A consulting agent is more important when a product is under mandatory scope for certification of different authorities. Typical examples are refrigerators or rice cookers that will have to be tested and obtain Type Approval for Safety or EMC under regulations of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and at the same time they have to be tested for energy efficiency performance standard and apply for VNEEP energy label declaration of conformity under management scope of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Determining the necessary technical regulations and standards for certification at different agencies is very complicated, clients often encounter shortcomings and have to re-test, which wastes time, effort, and cost. ExtendMax will advise and perform testing and testing services at our testing laboratories or other designated testing laboratories, helping customers have test results of all technical regulations and standards. technical standards required to complete the certification of a device by different authorities. ExtendMax supports customers with the following service items:

→ Consult the national technical regulations and standards applicable to the device. Avoid misapplied regulations, wasting time and cost.

→ Select the best designated testing laboratories for clients' convenience in terms of cost and lead time. 

→ Keep follow testing process, accelerate testing process, and cooperate with local testing lab to debug any trouble may occur.

→ One-stop services, carry out all testing required by MIC Vietnam, MOST Vietnam, and MOIT Vietnam for a single product.


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HO: ExtendMax Villa, C01-L18 An Vuong, Duong Noi urban area, Duong Noi ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi City, Vietnam

Test laboratory: BT02-21, An Hung urban area, To Huu street, La Khe ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi City, Vietnam

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MOIT Energy Efficiency (VNEEP) DoC

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