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Expert in Vietnam Type Approvals and Energy Efficiency certification


ExtendMax Vietnam Company Limited was established with the mission to support the manufacturers and importers to obtain Vietnam Type Approvals, Energy Efficiency (VNEEP) DoC under the current regulations of Vietnam for their products to reach the Vietnam market in targeted lead time within a controlled budget.

With years of experience and deep understanding in Vietnam type approval regulations and procedures, ExtendMax Vietnam Company Limited shall help clients to have better experience in obtaining Vietnam regulatory certificates in a scheduled lead-time, reduce local testing costs, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of products and enterprises.



ExtendMax Vietnam offers worldwide manufacturers reliable type approval services and legal assistance to obtain Vietnam regulatory type approval certificates for their products entering Vietnam in scheduled lead-time.

MIC Telecom and radio Type Approval

MOST Safety and EMC Type Approval

MIC Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

MOIT Energy Efficiency (VNEEP) DoC

VNTA Import permit for ITE & radio devices

Foreign laboratory accreditation



Under the current provisions of the law of Vietnam, importer or manufacturer has to obtain type approval certificate (TAC) or adoption of declaration of conformity (ADoC) for the following product groups:

Wireless and radio devices.

Telecommunication devices.

Information technology equipment.

Home appliances and office equipment.

Civil cryptography products and Cyber sercurity products.



Thanks to our experience in Type Approval and VNEEP certification services, ExtendMax Vietnam commits to provide high quality and reliable services to help you in accelerating local testing and certification procedures together with compliance legal assistances and technical assistances in test set up or debug. Our specialities are:

Precise consultancy.

Reliable one-stop service.

Time accelerating.

Wide range of services.

Competitive service price.

Services provided with commitment



Hotline: +84 915 836 555 Hanoi: +84 24 6666 3088

Email: consultant@extendmax.vn

Head Office: ExtendMax Villa, C01-L18 An Vuong, Duong Noi urban area, Duong Noi ward, Ha Dong dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

Test laboratory: Villa BT02-21, An Hung urban area, To Huu str., La Khe ward, Ha Dong dist., Hanoi, Vietnam

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