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Unexpected impact due to implementation of MIC new technical regulations since 01 July 2019 and how to avoid


EXTENDMAX - As listed on our previous news article, there are 6 MIC new standards are going to be implemented since July 2019 as below:

(1) QCVN 118:2018/BTTTT (replace TCVN 7189:2009 and TCVN 7600:2010)

(2) QCVN 66:2018/BTTTT (replace QCVN 66:2013/BTTTT)

(3) QCVN 16:2018/BTTTT (replace QCVN 16:2010/BTTTT)

(4) QCVN 37:2018/BTTTT (replace QCVN 37:2011/BTTTT)

(5) QCVN 44:2018/BTTTT (replace QCVN 44:2011/BTTTT)

(6) QCVN 57:2018/BTTTT (replace QCVN 57:2011/BTTTT)

So what are unexpected impacts and how to avoid?

1. EMC report according to EN 55022 / CISPR 22 or TCVN 7189:2009 shall not be accepted by VNTA since 01 July 2019

From 01 July 2019, regulated technical standard required for ITE and MME including desktop PC, Notebook / Laptop PC, Tablet PC, Server, Router, Gateway… shall be QCVN 118:2018/BTTTT. Manufacture need to submit EMC report according to CISPR 32:2015 or new Vietnamese standard QCVN 118:2018/BTTTT issued by local test laboratories or oversea test laboratories which are recognized by MIC Vietnam for QCVN 118:2018/BTTTT under MRA.

MIC has introduced this standard since May 2018 so applicants has really long time to prepare for implementation the new standard. But how to prepare?


- TCVN 7189:2009 (equal to CISPR 22:2006 / EN 55022:2006) is a really old standard which are not applicable in Europe anymore, MIC Vietnam has continuously accept CISPR 32:2015 / EN 55032:2015 test report to replace TCVN 7189:2009 for Declaration of Conformity under official guidance for MIC Circular No. 42/2016/TT-BTTTT (Guidance letter No. 886/BTTTT-KHCN dated 17 March 2017) and official guidance for MIC Circular No. 04/2018/TT-BTTTT (Guidance letter No. 1551/BTTTT-KHCN dated 21 May 2018)

- QCVN 118:2018/BTTTT is completely equal to CISPR 32:2015 / EN 55032:2015

Therefore CISPR 32:2015 / EN 55032:2015 issued by local test laboratories or oversea test laboratories which are recognized by MIC Vietnam for QCVN 118:2018/BTTTT under MRA will be accepted for MIC Declaration of Conformity before and after 01 July 2019

This is a wise solution which we have advised our customers since late of 2018 to minimize unexpected impact due to implementation of QCVN 118:2018/BTTTT on 01 July 2019.


Test items of QCVN 118 and CISPR 32 shows both are equivalent

2. ADoC issued by VNTA which listed TCVN 7189:2009 shall be invalid since 01 July 2019

Pursuant to item 1 of Article 24 of Circular 30/2011/TT-BTTTT (amended and supplemented by Circular 15/2018/TT-BTTTT) of MIC Vietnam: All Acceptance of Declaration of Conformity Letter (ADoC) issued by VNTA of MIC Vietnam which listed TCVN 7189:2009 or any other expiring national technical regulation / standard shall all be expired on 01 July 2019:


12. Amendments and supplements to Clause 1 Article 24 as follows:

“1.  Organizations  and  individuals  shall  re-conduct  Declaration  of  Conformity procedures where  there  is  any  change  in  the  contents  of  the  Declaration  of  Conformity form or the Letter of Notification for Acceptance of Declaration of Conformity expires. In cases where the contents of Declaration of Conformity form change due to the adaptation of new applicable technical regulations or standard, the novel provisions shall apply.”

Solution: Applicants and importers must be notified on this issue and apply for testing according to new technical regulation / standard in advance to ensure continuous of supplies line to Vietnam market


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