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QCVN 133:2024/BTTTT Standards for Base Station Supporting Simultaneous 5G NR and E-UTRA Networks - Radio Access Part

AuthorBùi Thế Hà

QCVN 133:2024/BTTTT on base station equipment supporting simultaneous NR and E-UTRA mobile networks - Radio Access Part is expected to be applied from 01/07/2025.

EXTENDMAX - The announcement from the Ministry of Information and Communications on March 28, 2024, introduces a draft circular for the national technical regulation titled "National Technical Regulation on Base Station Equipment Supporting Simultaneous NR (New Radio) and E-UTRA (Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access) Mobile Networks - Radio Access Part." The draft regulation, QCVN 133:2024/BTTTT, is compiled based on the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) standards EN 301 908-18 V15.11 (September 2021) and EN 301 908-23 (September 2023).

This regulation seems to set technical standards for base station equipment that can support both NR and E-UTRA networks. NR is part of 5G technology, representing the new radio interface and radio access technology, while E-UTRA is associated with 4G technology (also known as LTE). The standards mentioned (EN 301 908-18 and EN 301 908-23) likely provide detailed technical specifications and requirements for such equipment, ensuring interoperability, performance, and reliability within these telecommunications networks.


Insights of the QCVN 133:2024/BTTTT

QCVN 133:2024/BTTTT specifies that multi-technology mobile base station equipment supporting NR and E-UTRA must be capable of operating across all or part of the frequency bands listed in the following table and must comply with Vietnam's frequency planning regulations.

This compliance ensures that the equipment operates within the allocated frequency bands and follows the country's specific guidelines and policies for spectrum management, which are essential for maintaining network integrity and performance.

Operating Frequency Bands for Multi-Technology NR and E-UTRA Mobile Base Stations


Frequency Bands and Classification


UE Transmiss/Receive


Operating Frequencies


Duplex Mode

1 (BC1)




1 920 MHz - 1 980 MHz





2 110 MHz - 2 170 MHz

3 (BC2)




1 710 MHz - 1 785 MHz





1 805 MHz - 1 880 MHz

8 (BC2)




880 MHz - 915 MHz





925 MHz - 960 MHz

28 (BC1)




703 MHz - 733 MHz





758 MHz -788 MHz

40 (BC3)

Uplink & Downlink


2 300 MHz - 2 400 MHz



41 (BC3)

Uplink & Downlink


2 500 MHz - 2 690 MHz



77 (BC3)

Uplink & Downlink


3 600 MHz - 3 960 MHz



78 (BC3) or 43 (BC3)

Uplink & Downlink


3 600 MHz - 3 800 MHz




HS Code for Multi-Technology NR and E-UTRA Mobile Base Station Equipment

No. Product Name according to QCVN HS code

Product Descriptions

01 Multi-Technology NR and E-UTRA Mobile Base Station Equipment 8517.61.00

Fifth-generation (5G) mobile information network base station equipment (BTS station), with or without integration of one or more of the following functions:
- GSM mobile base station equipment;
- W-CDMA FDD mobile base station equipment;
- E-UTRA FDD mobile base station equipment.


Taking effect date of the QCVN 133:2024/BTTTT

According to the draft circular, QCVN 133:2024/BTTTT will take effect from April 1, 2024, and will become mandatory from July 1, 2025. Base station equipment that supports both 5G NR and E-UTRA (4G LTE) technologies will need to be certified according to new standards to continue being imported into Vietnam.

View the full text of the draft circular on the "National Technical Regulation on Base Station Equipment Supporting Simultaneous NR and E-UTRA Mobile Networks - Radio Access Part" here.

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