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Shall the conformity mark of MIC Vietnam (ICT Mark) changed into MOST conformity CR Mark?


Because Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Vietnam is designated by Vietnam Government as leader in conformity certification segment, all other Ministries need to follow guides and regulations of MOST Vietnam in related fields. From 01 July 2018, general management methods for products under regulatory approval of MIC and MOST have been slowly merged together, started with “Imported Product Quality Inspection Registration” process.  

Regulated by Circular 30/2011/TT-BTTTT of MIC Vietnam, ICT Mark has been applied for radio and ITE products under management of MIC Vietnam since 2011. In the other hand, MOST Vietnam uses a little different conformity mark (CR Mark) for home appliances.

CR Mark                                                      ICT Mark

At the moment, VNTA’s Verification and Certification centers are confused with which mark ICT Mark or CR Mark will be applied for radio and ITE products due to regulations merge. MIC Declaration of Conformity certification procedure has been broken and cause the CODE / ICT Mark registration procedure also be broken. At the moment, VNTA Center 1 in Hanoi still grants CODE for applicants and request applicants to register ICT Mark. Meanwhile VNTA Center 2 in HCMC verbally informs the applicants that CR mark is applicable and CODE / ICT Mark registration is aborted. However, VNTA Center 1 is leading Center in regulation drafting so both centers must be in line soon.

For upcoming near future, it would be more convenienced for manufacturers and importers if MIC Vietnam and MOST Vietnam use the same conformity mark because there are more and more home appliances with internet functions for IoT. Same conformity mark would save a space in product label and can be printed in mass production.


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