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Vietnam VNTA type approval certificate - How to identify a real one


Published by ExtendMax Vietnam Company Limited

1.  VNTA type approval certificate number is unique

To figure out if your existing VNTA type approval certificate is a real one, we have to understand the unique certificate number on the certificate.

Each certificate has a unique number. Certificate number is given in the following format: A0000ddmmyyAE01A2

The first letter represents the Verification and Certification Center of VNTA which issues the certificate:

A:           The certificate is issued by Center 1 – located in Hanoi City

B:           The certificate is issued by Center 2 – located in Ho Chi Minh City

C:           The certificate is issued by Center 3 – located in Da Nang City

The next four digits is ordinal numbers of the certificate, it will be reset annually.

The next six digits represents to certification date in dd/mm/yy format

The last six digits is management code of VNTA, it represents product category and other information

Certificate number is auto generated but manually input on the certificate so you may experience a typo though it rarely happens.


2.  Product name

Product name is given in accordance with regulations of the Circular 05/2014/TT-BTTTT (or Circular 42/2016/TT-BTTTT since October 01, 2017).

Product name could have a little different in appearance for the same product, depends on from which Verification and Certification Center the certificate is issued.

This product name must be consistent with the last six digits of the certificate number (product category code).


Voluntary Certificate identification: Voluntary certificate used to be granted for Bluetooth devices or WLAN devices with maximum RF output power less than 60mW. If you see the “maximum output power <60mW” suffix attached to product name, your certificate is a voluntary type approval certificate.

Voluntary type approval certificate is no longer to be issued by VNTA since late of 2016. If you have an expired voluntary certificate with “maximum output power <60mW” suffix and on 2017 it was renewed without the suffix, your type approval certificate could be a real one still but the submitted product specifications sheet/ data sheet was not the original one provided by manufacturer.


3.  Model name and Manufacturer name

Model name is declared by the manufacturer and it must be shown on product specification sheet/ datasheet and product labels consistently. Some times model name of WLAN / W-CDMA / GSM / NFC module or “Part number” is attached to the model name of end-product.

Model name and Manufacturer name are also manually input on the VNTA type approval certificate so you may also experience a typo on a real VNTA type approval certificate like the below sample. The correct manufacturer name is “CANON ELECTRONICS INC.”


4.  Letter font and font sizes

Unofficially announced, letter font of VNTA type approval certificate is Times New Roman at different font sizes.  Name of certificate holder and name of manufacturer can be appeared in capital letters or normal letters.


5. Preview of a real MIC Vietnam radio type approval certificate:





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