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Pocketing Some of the Electricity Bill with Effective Energy-Saving Methods

AuthorBùi Thế Hà

Some effective electricity-saving solutions, particularly useful for those who tend to forget.

Sometimes, it's not that we lack awareness of energy saving, but simply because we... forget. Forget to turn off lights when leaving the room, forget to unplug devices when not in use,... Below are some effective electricity-saving measures, not fearing those moments when we "goldfish brains".

Utilizing and Conditioning Natural Elements

Take advantage of natural light and wind energy

Natural light, especially sunlight, is not only a free source of energy but also helps reduce dependence on artificial lighting, thereby saving electricity. By harnessing sunlight during the day, we can reduce the use of electric lights, thus saving daily electricity consumption as well as monthly electricity bill costs.

In addition to sunlight, wind energy is also an endless source of energy that we can utilize for cooling, especially when the hot season arrives. Open doors and windows in the morning and afternoon to take advantage of cool breezes. However, it's important to consider a bit about air convection: when opening doors to let the wind in, you also need additional doors in another direction for air circulation. Otherwise, it will create air pressure, raising room temperature; humidity can also increase. This not only creates discomfort but also provides conditions for mold and bacteria growth. If you're wondering why it feels cool outside but opening the door brings in heat, check to ensure proper air circulation in the room!

To improve air circulation, you may also consider using ceiling fans instead of standing fans, especially for larger rooms. Since the cooling mechanism of ceiling fans mainly relies on blowing air from above downward, it creates natural air circulation and cooling without the need for much power to generate sudden strong winds like standing fans.

Planting Greenery

One of the effective measures often mentioned for saving electricity is planting greenery, not only cooling the air in summer but also blocking cold winds in winter. By creating natural shade, greenery helps reduce direct sunlight entering the house, thereby reducing indoor temperature and the need for air conditioning. At the same time, planting greenery also creates a balance of humidity in the air, providing natural cooling. Not only does it cool and save electricity for this summer, but it also beautifies living spaces. So why hesitate? Let's plant some greenery for our homes.

Using Insulating Film

Using insulating film for glass doors and windows is also an effective cooling method with the ability to block heat up to 70%, by reflecting sunlight while absorbing and dissipating heat. This helps reduce indoor temperatures, decrease the workload of air conditioning units, and save more energy. With some high-quality insulating films, the temperature difference indoors compared to outdoors can be reduced by 4-7°C.

Once we have cooled our living space using natural elements (without using electricity), the need for air conditioning will significantly decrease, requiring only the use of fans. Surely you also know which devices consume the most electricity when summer arrives.

Utilizing Smart Electrical Devices and Advanced Technology

Smart devices are capable of automatically adjusting their operations based on information from sensors or control devices, helping save energy automatically and efficiently. For example, smart lighting systems can automatically turn on/off based on motion sensors within the usage range or adjust brightness based on natural light levels in the room, reducing energy consumption while ensuring sufficient brightness.

Moreover, smart electrical devices often come with convenient features for managing and controlling energy consumption. Through mobile apps or remote control devices, users can monitor and adjust the operation of devices from anywhere, anytime. This makes it easy for us to optimize energy usage according to their actual needs, remotely and conveniently.

Additionally, we can consider modern technology-based electrical devices such as Inverters - a high-tech commonly applied in appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines. They help save more electricity compared to conventional devices. This technology allows devices to adjust their operating power based on real demand, thus saving more electricity than conventional devices.

If you often forget to turn off or unplug electrical devices, using smart devices will significantly save you money on electricity bills each year. To give you a clear picture, let's do a calculation together.

According to a study by the Department of Energy (USA), electrical devices in standby mode (chargers, printers, computers, microwaves, air conditioners, TVs, etc.) consume 5-8% of the total annual household electricity consumption, equivalent to $100-200, which is about 2,400,000 - 4,800,000 VND. Try calculating based on your family's electricity bill; I'm sure the result won't be too different from the above figures.

This is just the amount saved if you always remember to turn off or unplug electrical devices when not in use. If you simultaneously apply various electricity-saving measures, it will be a considerable amount. From a macro perspective, these figures are extremely meaningful for the environment and society as a whole.

Using smart electrical devices with advanced technology helps save electricity effectively.


Pay Attention to Energy Efficiency Ratings When Choosing Electrical Appliances

When searching for and purchasing electrical appliances, don't just focus on design or features, but also consider information about energy efficiency, the device's electricity consumption. Research and compare these specifications to choose appliances with high efficiency and energy savings.

Currently, most household electrical appliances on the market are required to have energy labels according to the regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. These labels provide us with information about the energy consumption of the appliance, making it convenient for us to compare and select quality products that are both efficient and consume less electricity.

Comparative labels make it easier to choose devices with lower electricity consumption.
Recognition labels indicate that a product meets or exceeds the energy efficiency standards set by the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Based on the energy efficiency levels specified in TCVN 7830:2021, we can see that a 5-star air conditioner is about 1.5 times more efficient than a 3-star air conditioner (calculated based on the common type of 2-unit device, the type of air conditioner commonly used today).

To better understand the level of savings, let's continue with a specific example and assume two devices have the same cooling capacity.




Cooling Capacity (BTU/h)

4500 4500

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

3,40 5,00

Power Consumption (W/h)

1323 900


Suppose on average, an air conditioner is used for 8 hours a day, and using the highest current retail electricity price of 3,151 VND per kWh, we can save as follows:




1 hour

4 169 VND 2836 VND

1 day (8 hours of use)

33 352 VND 22 688 VND

1 month

1 000 560 VND 680 640 VND

1 year

12 066 720 VND 8 167 680 VND


In the case where two devices have the same star rating, compare based on the energy efficiency index printed on the label; the higher index indicates better energy savings.

According to Decision No. 05/2024/QD-TTg regulating the mechanism for adjusting the average retail electricity price issued at the end of March, the Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) may increase electricity prices by up to 5% every 3 months. Start implementing energy-saving measures today to reduce electricity bill costs while contributing positively to the environment!

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