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Implementation of Circular 13/2018/TT-BTTTT and impact on import practice


Implementation of Circular 13/2018/T-BTTTT since 01 December 2018 has made a minor impact to shipment which contains desktop PC, notebook PC, tablet, or server due to sharing the same HS Code with products listed under Appendix I of Circular 13/2018/TT-BTTTT. This situation has made the Custom Authority confused to decide whether Import License for Cybersecurity products is required or not. To release the shipment, importer shall need Exemption Letter issued by Authority of Infomation Sercurity to confirm such desktop PC, notebook PC, tablet, or server is not under regulatory scope of Circular 13/2018/T-BTTTT and Import License for Cybersecurity products will not be required.

Please find preview of Exemption Letters issued by Authority of Infomation Sercurity for Desktop PC, tablet, and server below for your reference.




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