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VNTA issue Warning Letters to importers not complete PQIR (and Type Approval, SDoC) in allowed completion time


Pursuant to Decree 74/2018/TT-BTTTT and Circular 15/2018/TT-BTTTT of MIC Vietnam, importation process for products under management scope of MIC Vietnam consists of below steps

(1) Submit Product Quality Inspection Registration (PQIR) for to VNTA for acknowledgement

(2) Submit PQIR form to Customs Authority for clearance

(3) Take sample for local testing according to regulatory standards (if no eligible test report available before importation)

(4) Obtain Type Approval certificate for radio products (if TA certificate has not been obtained before importation)

(5) Submit TA certificate and Self-assessment DoC (SDoC) form to VNTA

Steps (3), (4), (5) must be completed within 15 working days since clearance date.

However, due to lack of understanding on procedures or slow in completion the process, there are importers which have not submitted Type Approval certificate and/or SDoC form to VNTA in time.

In order to maintain compliance of Government and MIC regulations, VNTA keeps issuing Warning Letters to the importers which have not completed the process in 15 working days since clearance date. According to the Warning Letter, VNTA shall put importer who violates the regulations into list of company under MIC audit list and importer shall get a penalty.

In order to prevent this issue, oversea manufacturers and importers should obtain eligible test report and/or Type Approval certificate before importation because local testing and Type Approval certification process shall takes more than 15 working days for most of the products.


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