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Vietnam MIC: QCVN 65:2021/BTTTT, QCVN 123:2021/BTTT, and QCVN 124:2021/BTTTT


Recently, Vietnam MIC has officially released 3 new National technical regulations:

1) QCVN 65:2021/BTTTT: National technical regulation on radio access equipment operating in the 5GHz band

- QCVN 65:2021/BTTTT has been issued together with Circular 11/2021/TT-BTTTT dated October 28, 2021

- QCVN 65:2021/BTTTT shall take effect from May 01, 2022 and enforced (replace QCVN 65:2013/BTTTT) from July 01, 2023.

- Transmit power limit will depend on if the product has "transmit power control" (TPC) function or not.

- QCVN 65:2021 has been composed based on EN 301 893 V2.1.1 (2017-05)

ExtendMax's comments:

This time the Vietnam MIC has spent a long grace period for organization and individual to update test report and Type Approval certificate from QCVN 65:2013/BTTTT to QCVN 65:2021/BTTTT. Organization and individual can apply for QCVN 65:2021 on voluntary basis during the period from May 01, 2022 to July 01, 2023 for convenience and readiness.

Unfortunately, WiFi 6E (6GHz) is still not allowed yet.

2) QCVN 123:2021/BTTT: National technical regulation on Short Range Device (SRD) – Radio equipment to be used in the 40 GHz to 246 GHz frequency range

- QCVN 123:2021/BTTT has been issued together with Circular 10/2021/TT-BTTTT dated October 28, 2021.

- QCVN 123:2021/BTTT  shall take effect from July 01, 2022.

- QCVN 123:2021/BTTT has been composed based on EN 305 550-1 V1.2.1 (2014-10) for test method and EN 305 550-2 V1.2.1 (2014-10) for limits

3. QCVN 124:2021/BTTTT: National technical regulation on Radar equipment operating in the frequency range 76 GHz to 77 GHz for ground-based vehicle

- QCVN 124:2021/BTTT has been issued together with Circular 09/2021/TT-BTTTT dated October 20, 2021.

- QCVN 124:2021/BTTT  shall take effect from July 01, 2022.

- QCVN 124:2021/BTTT has been composed based on EN 303 396 V1.1.1 (2016-12) for test method and EN 301 091-1 V2.1.1 (2017-01) for limits

ExtendMax's comments:

Since the QCVN 124:2021/BTTTT only cover Vehicle radar 76 ~ 77 GHz within its scope, if the radar can be operated at a frequency range lager than 76 ~ 77 GHz (eg: 76 ~ 81 GHz), then applicable regulation as below:

1) Vehicle radar 76 ~ 77 GHz need to comply with QCVN 124:2021/BTTTT and EMC QCVN 18:2014/BTTTT.

2) Vehicle radar having operating frequency higher than 40GHz other than 76 ~ 77 GHz need to comply with EMC QCVN 18:2014/BTTTT (and QCVN 123:2021/BTTTT if it covers on or more of the 61.0 ~ 61.5 GHz, 122 ~ 123 GHz, 244 ~ 246 GHz bands - follow the MIC Circular 02/2022/TT-BTTTT).

3) If the vehicle radar operating frequency range is larger than 76 ~ 77GHz (eg: 76 ~ 81 GHz) but not including 61.0 ~ 61.5 GHz, 122 ~ 123 GHz, 244 ~ 246 GHz bands, then it must comply to QCVN 124:2021/BTTTT, QCVN 18:2014/BTTTT only.

4) At the beginning stage, due to limited capability of Vietnamese lab, the MIC may accept equivalent CE standards issued by ISO/IEC 17025 accredited oversea labs to replace QCVN 123:2021/BTTTT and QCVN 124:2021/BTTTT


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