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Vietnam EMC Type Approval (CR Mark) for Washing Machine


EXTENDMAX - Washing machine is under the list of product under management of Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam (MOST Vietnam) and subjected to mandatory EMC Type Approval for home / household appliances. Manufacturer or importer has to obtain EMC Type Approval certificate (together with Energy Efficiency certificate of Ministry of Industry of Trade) before their washing machines can enter Vietnam market. Smart washing machine which has wireless interfaces such as Wifi, Zigbee, LoRa or 3G / LTE shall also be subjected to MIC Vietnam radio type approvals.

1. Applicable regulations.

QCVN 9:2012/BKHCN: National technical regulation on electromagnetic compatibility for household and similar electrical and electronic equipment

According Circulars and Decisions issued by Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam and its subsidiary - Directorate for Standard, Metrology and Quality (STAMEQ)

2.   EMC Type Approval certification requirements:

 Required documents to apply for Type Approval certificate as follows:

- Type approval application form

- One (01) sample for EMC inspection.

- A copy of Vietnam business license of applicant (for local importer)

- Product specifications sheet or product description

- Circuit diagram, wiring diagram, layout diagram

- Product photos (Over view, name plate, critical component related to EMC)

- Eligible EMC test reports (CISPR 14-1 or equivalent for Washing Machine) recognized by Certification Body of MOST Vietnam

Depend on method of certification, requirements may be different.

3.   EMC Type Approval certification procedures

- Prepare EMC test report (CISPR 14-1 or equivalent) recognized by Certification Body of MOST Vietnam

- Prepare application dossier includes the above listed documents

- Submit application documents together with 01 sample for inspection

A Certification Body of MOST Vietnam shall review the application dossier, inspect the sample, and issue Type Approval certificate within 1 week if the application and sample complies with MOST Vietnam regulations.

Depends on method of certification, lead time may be longer.

After obtaining Type Approval certificate, importer / applicant has to prepare a Declaration of Conformity dossier and apply to local subsidiary of STAMEQ, label products with CR conformity mark before selling.

4.   Vietnam EMC Type Approval certificate for Washing Machine (home / household appliance) preview



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