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QCVN 19:2019/BKHCN : Safety and EMC requirement for LED lights (CR approval)


On September 25, 2019, MOST Vietnam has released Circular No. 08/2019/TT-BKHCN to officially launch Safety and EMC requirement for LED lights - QCVN 19:2019/BKHCN (CR approval). According to Circular No. 08/2019/TT-BKHCN, roadmap for implementation of Safety and EMC CR approval for LED lights shall be as below:

1. From June 01, 2020 domestic manufactured and imported LED lights must meet requirement on Safety and Electromagnetic interference (EMI) specified at items 2.1.1; 2.1.2; 2.1.3; and 2.2.1 of QCVN 19:2019/BKHCN

2. From June 01, 2021 domestic manufactured and imported LED lights must meet requirement on all requirement of QCVN 19:2019/BKHCN (including Safety, and both EMI EMS)

3. Individuals and organization are encourage to apply for QCVN 19:2019/BKHCN for LED lights on voluntary basis from December 31, 2019.

LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED downlights, and LED Luminaires are all under scope of this QCVN 19:2019/BKHCN national technical regulation and must obtain CR EMC approval according to QCVN 19:2019/BKHCN before being circulated in Vietnam market (beside EE approval regulated by MOST Vietnam which are mandatory for E27 and B22 self-ballasted LED bulbs and G5, G13 double-head LED tubes)

(Visit this link to find more info on EE approval for LED Lights)

(Visit this link for guidance and requirements to apply for Safety and EMC approval for LED lights)


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