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MIC Vietnam: Guidance for implementation of QCVN 117:2018/BTTTT - Immediately applied from 01 July 2019


MIC has issued guidance No.2331/BTTTT-KHCN dated 18 July 2019 to a specific applicant for QCVN 117:2018/BTTTT implementation. Pursuant to the guidance, QCVN 117:2018/BTTTT is immediately applied for Type Approval certification from 01 July 2019. MIC also request all manufacturers and importers must obtain Type Approval cert for LTE products according to QCVN 117:2018/BTTTT before circulating 4G LTE products to Vietnam market.

We can understand this guidance leads to the below:

1. All the TA certs which has been issued for LTE products according to QCVN 47:2015/BTTTT is now partially invalid and need to be renewed with QCVN 117:2018/BTTTT (including the TA certs which has been issued few days before 18 July 2019)

2. All the ADoCs has been issued for Vietnamese manufacturers for 4G / LTE products are now invalid, need to be renewed with QCVN 117:2018/BTTTT.

Manufacturers and importers need to urgently renew all the certs as soon as possible to maintain compliance with regulation and continuing sell 4G LTE mobile phones, 4G LTE tablets, 4G LTE laptops and other 4G terminal devices to Vietnam market

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