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MIC Vietnam: Doc No. 1551/BTTTT-KHCN - Official guidance for implementation of Circular 04/2018/TT-BTTTT


MIC Vietnam has officially released Document No. 1551/BTTTT-KHCN dated May 21, 2018 – Official guidance for implementation of Circular 04/2018/TT-BTTTT and make clear several doubts within the Circular 04/2018/TT-BTTTT

Highlighted features:

1. Radio device uses spread spectrum technic, operating in 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands, having maximum EIRP power less than 60mW remains exempted from MIC Type Approval and Declaration of Conformity. It means Bluetooth / Zigbee 2.4GHz and WLAN 2.4GHz / 5GHz having EIRP power less than 60mW remains being exempted from MIC regulatory approval.

2. Lithium batteries applied mobile phone, tablet, and notebook PC required Declaration of Conformity according to item 2.6 - Safety requirement of QCVN 101:2016/BTTTT (IEC 62133 only).

3. MIC temporarily accepts test reports issued by oversea ISO / IEC 17025 test laboratories for "extreme conditions" test items for Type Approval and Declaration of Conformity certification

4. MIC Vietnam temporarily accepts manufacturers’ reports for DVB-T part for DoC of DVB-T2 devices and QCVN 63:2012/BTTTT test report performed on chassis / platform for Declaration of Conformity for IDTV

5. MIC Vietnam temporarily accepts EN 55032/ CISPR 32 reports for Declaration of Conformity according to TCVN 7189:2009.

6. MIC only accepts IEC 62133 reports issued by local test laboratories designated by MIC Vietnam, and test laboratories recognized by MIC Vietnam under MRA, and test laboratories register to MIC Vietnam 

7. For Type approval and Declaration of Conformity for maritime radio transmitter and transceiver, MIC Vietnam temporarily accepts reports issued by Manufacturer or oversea ISO / IEC 17025 test laboratories.

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