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Draft Circular to replace Circular 04/2018/TT-BTTTT – Regulation on list of Radio and ITE products under MIC Type Approval certification and Declaration of Conformity


EXTENDMAX - MIC Vietnam has officially introduced Draft version of new Circular which shall replace Circular 04/2018/TT-BTTTT - Regulations on list of products subjected to MIC Type Approval certification and Declaration of Conformity for public comments. The new Circular shall take effect from 01 July 2019 together with several new National Technical Regulations introduced by MIC Vietnam recently.

Highlighted features:

1. Contents are updated to comply with Decree No. 74/2018/ND-CP of Vietnam Government

2. MIC adds HS Code for each kind of products for easier implementation and market control.

3. Enforcing new national technical standards:

- QCVN 117:2018/BTTTT shall replace QCVN 47:2015/BTTTT for FDD LTE terminal devices (4G FDD LTE mobile phone / laptop / notebook, and other 4G terminal devices) 

- QCVN 118:2018/BTTTT shall replace TCVN 7189:2009 for ITE (Desktop PC, Laptop / Notebook PC, Router, Tablet, Server, Gateway, Firewall, Switch...) and also replace TCVN 7600:2010 for MME (Set-Top-Box and TiVi)

From 01 July 2019, TCVN 7189:2009 / CIPR 22 / EN 55022 test reports will not be accepted for SDoC of ITE, TCVN 7600:2010 / CIPR 13 test reports will not be accepted for SDoC of MME

4. Several radio devices has been removed from Appendix I (to be exempted from Type Approval (TA) certification or forbidden), Self-assessment Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) will be required still for a part of TA exempted products.

- RFID 866 -868 MHz has been removed from the list (pursuant to Circular 18/2018/TT-BTTTT RFID 866 -868 MHz is forbidden to be used in Vietnam) 

- Most of maritime radio devices (except for Marine Radar) have been moved from the list of products subjected to TA (Appendix I) to the list of products subjected to DoC (Appendix II)

5. Add a sections for equipment used in communication systems between Train and Railway (Eurobalise transmitter/transceivers and Eurobalise maintenance tool)

6. Only item 2.6 - Safety requirements of QCVN 101:2016/BTTTT (equal to IEC 62133:2012) will be required for Lithium Battery during the lifetime of the new circular (est. 2019 ~ 2020).



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